SHIRA and BOBBY had a clear vision of what they wanted for both their SAVE THE DATE and WEDDING INVITATION. It was a 4th of July wedding, and they wanted to capture the fun of the day in all of their print materials. They wanted the look and feel to be playful, while also adhering to tradition, and chose a color palette that was a twist on the colors of the American flag.

Wedding photos by Christopher Helm.

BRIELLE and ZACHARY wanted to create a SAVE THE DATE that felt more unique and fun than the more traditional options, but also wanted to include something that felt a little more classic, which led to us creating a two-sided option for them. They then decided that they wanted an art deco feel for the actual ceremony, so we created these TEMPORARY TATTOOS for their guests.

MAY and JUSTIN wanted to keep their wedding very simple and low key, while also having a classic feel. They liked the idea of using some kind of flowers on their WEDDING INVITATION that softened the traditional wording that they chose to use.

Wedding photos by Black & Hue Photography.