Megan Roy


HOLE PUNCH DESIGN is NATALIE ANDRES, a Los Angeles-based graphic designer and developer. She has been working with businesses in the area since 2009, offering everything from web design to billboard art. The name HOLE PUNCH DESIGN comes from her sister’s dog, Three Hole Punch. And no, she doesn’t design hole punches.

NATALIE has been doing graphic design work for the past ten years, and her commitment to a clean and simple aesthetic carries through all of her work. A National Merit Scholar, NATALIE graduated summa cum laude with a dual degree in advertising and English from the University of Florida. When not working, Natalie can usually be found cooking an elaborate meal, dancing to Motown, or enjoying the outdoors. She loves walking all over Los Angeles and spends absent moments planning her next globe trotting adventure.

MEGAN ROY joined the Hole Punch Design team in 2015. An east coast native, she graduated from Emerson College in 2009 with a degree in Visual and Media Arts and moved to Los Angeles shortly afterward. She’s worked on movie sets, lived in a European castle, and driven across the country four times. There are few things in life she loves more than Halloween (her rescue beagle, Ruby, being a notable exception). She’s drawn to pops of color and bold graphics, and her ultimate goal is to make ordinary objects feel more vibrant, fun, and alive through her work.


HOLE PUNCH DESIGN helps businesses and creative professionals crystallize their brand and empowers them to expand and control the ways they connect with their customers and community. The goal is to promote the companies and ideas that help make Los Angeles a great place to live. HOLE PUNCH DESIGN offers the talent and professionalism of a large graphic design firm, with the flexibility and personal attention of a neighborhood partner. Through effective graphic design and marketing, HOLE PUNCH DESIGN aims to help ensure that our community thrives.

HOLE PUNCH DESIGN offers an array of design services, including those listed below:

  • web design + development
  • logos + branding
  • fliers + posters
  • business cards, postcards + brochures
  • invitations + weddings
  • large scale print
  • packaging design
  • basic SEO + analytics

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